After the Crowd

We recently developed a post-Kickstarter pledge management tool called After the Crowd. Initially developed for the Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coin campaign, we have expanded the functionality of the site to allow it's use for any project on Kickstarter, IndieGogo or any other crowd-funding platform.

If you're running a crowd-funding project, and would like more information on After the Crowd, and how it can help your project, please contact us at .

Schlock Apps

I designed and built a promotional website for the Schlock Mercenary mobile applications. The site uses the Supermodel CMS for content and the EC module for subscription purchasing.


The Sports Car Club of New Zealand was in need of a new website, and I offered my services to that end.

This site uses the Supermodel CMS for all content management.

The committee of the Sports Car Club has repeatedly mentioned how much easier updating the website is with this new system. Notices, events, cancellations and even images can be uploaded to the site with ease.

My personal website. The Supermodel CMS consists of standard Blog & Gallery.

Additionally, a phpBB3 forum has been installed and integrated with RPGWebProfiler.